Web Frameworks

If you're serious about building a website designed to grow for the long-term, the best way to go is with a content management system. With so many out there, however, it can be difficult to distinguish the wheat from the chaff. While it may be certainly fine to go with something popular like WordPress or Joomla, we recommend going with a real framework that gives you much more flexibility, security, and specificity for the long-term.

Many out-of-the box systems can be more vulnerable to malware attacks, and can often include components that you don't need or want clogging up your interface. On top of that, choosing third-party plugins can open the door to bugs and update problems. Although we have worked with most major systems and can certainly help you with any of your choosing, we've found the two frameworks below offer the best solution for the webmaster serious about his site's longevity.

Fuel CMS

"Fuel" is a content management system built on the popular Codeigniter PHP framework. It comes with a slick, easy-to-use interface to update including inline editing to instantly see your changes. It's also highly developer friendly so it can be customized to your heart's content. The best part is that since its built on the world's #1 web scripting language, PHP, Fuel is easy to pick up and move to just about any server on the planet. learn more >

Live Example
  • Built-In Features:

    • Simple Interface
    • Inline Editing
    • Asset Management
    • Menu Navigation
    • Templates & Blocks
    • Blog Support
    • SEO Tools
    • User Management
    • History Tracking
    • Easy Backup & Restoration


Django is a content management system that uses the Python scripting language. A great system that speeds up development time for common systems such as galleries, sliders, calendars and more. Django's biggest advantage is its speedy model creation so you can easily move large-scale databases and have them up and running fast. Django is a really great CMS for those who want to avoid complicated out-of-the-box frameworks. learn more >

Live Example
  • Built-In Features:

    • Super Simple Interface
    • File Management
    • Menu Navigation
    • WYSIWYG Flatpage editing
    • User Management