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Casey Flynn

Web Developer

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Casey graduated from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Spanish in 2006. He was hired by the Southwest Utah Public Health Department as a systems administrator to implement the KIPHS clinic software for all county offices. In 2007, he was hired by Omni Business Solutions as a Web Developer and helped build and maintain several in-house projects. From 2008 to 2014 he worked for InfoWest, Inc as lead developer servicing hundreds of clients and managing domains, from small start-ups, to municipalities, to large-scale websites.

With over 7 years professional experience and over 200 websites under his belt, Casey has proven his dedication, reliability, and expertise in the field of web development. He currently lives in St. George, Utah with his wife and four children.

Some of his skills include:

  • Extensive understanding of LAMP development (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).
  • Familiarity with MVC environments.
  • JavaScript and client-side development.
  • AJAX, JQuery, SOAP/XML, REST & POST Web Services.
  • Understanding of common content management systems and their architecture, strengths & weaknesses.
  • Experience with shopping cart payment gateways & APIs.
  • Good understanding of database design, writing SQL queries.
  • Understanding of older and modern versions of the Django Web Framework & Python language.
  • Email, Domain Forwarding, Addon/Parked domains, Backup creation/Restoration.
  • Linux command line, MySQL shell commmands, dumps, imports.